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[09 Sep 2006|08:30am]
we probably made the illest group last night

football game... ehh
pub 99.. ridiculousss

i now have four fauxs. chilled with all of them last night.. but you know they dont mind sharing me

mmm bwood<3
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[07 Jul 2006|12:58pm]
i finally got to hang out with brittany:)
we got some dinner at a cleaan friendlys with its cast of interesting customers and workers
-are you ready to order?
--YEAH!!! ..ohh wait.. no. no. are you ready? im not. no... we're not ready.
--umm you didnt put any water in my cup
-i didnt? ::looks at it for maad:: oh i guess i didnt ha

then we went to the mall and shes ridiculous about buying clothes for other people

then we went to the ghetto to visit matt:)
she went into some house with kenny to get limbes haha so funny
some creepy kid waited for us to leave to ask for free lunch

we sang along to brand new! for most of the car ride. and i knew mad of the songs! brought back some memories haha

then we went to rachels softball game which was ridiculously intense
brittany dropped her glasses under the bleacher
so me, danielles dad, aunt, and NANA are all under the bleachers looking for brittanys glasses. it took about fifteen minutes

then brittany continued to tell her cousin how 'yeah, pretty much the whole junior class knows where you live because of the party... your house is reaal good for parties.'

oy vei. mad fun though

and now im legal to drive!! but ill obviously never get the car ever again.. like this afternoon. my mom waits til the middle of TODAY to get an oil change " " like she couldnt have done it any day of any week. nope, today. and she loves the fact that matts babysitting tonight so im not taking him anywhere. i think she laughed at him for a good four minutes. hmph. whatever. i need to get to another beach real soon.
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[27 Jun 2006|11:00am]
[ mood | satisfied ]

tis summer
and its been wonderful ever since friday, june 16.
once you can leave in the middle of a class without being worried, you know that its summer
-laying in the sun from 9-5 with kate... without sunblock of course
-hmmm lots of matt time:) hes wonderful. we're wonderful. love iit
-a little work, some with danielle
..following and harassing co workers is our specialtyyy
-not enough jen&marcella.. whos leaving reaaal soon and i still dont believe it
-cousin sleepoversss and megsys birthdaay
-DOLLARTREEEE uhhh everythings a dollar. you can never have a less than amazing time
-chalk. for hours upon hours
-celllphones on the back of cars, that leave for the store..
-driving two miles per hour with danielle walking next to me for about a half mile:)
all i have to do is keep this up and throw in a few beaches and it will be perfecttt

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[23 May 2006|10:32pm]
i got about ten years worth of inside jokes with no one.
this sucks.
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[19 May 2006|01:35pm]
7 entries found for friend.

1. A person whom one knows, likes, and trusts.
2. A person whom one knows; an acquaintance.
3. A person with whom one is allied in a struggle or cause; a comrade.
4. A person that would never let anyone hurt you; one that feels your pain.
5. One who supports, sympathizes with, or patronizes a group, cause, or movement.
6. A person with whom one could trust to never hook up with her boyfriend.
7. A person who would never try to lie once confronted.

hmmm there are a lot of definitions for a friend. but they all pretty much have the same jist. a friend is someone who you can trust, someone who would never hurt you.
Id check to see if the people you consider friends fall into all of these categories.

kittRAGE58: omg you have to promise not to laugh at my big boy voice [06 Apr 2006|05:52pm]
theres simply no time in her wonderful life pero she apoligizes.
HER LIFE IS WONDERFULWONDERFUL. theres a wonderful boy. shes playing a wonderful (not) sport. and SOMETIMES works her job and gets a wonderful paycheck. woowoo for tha wondaful life.
i love you all that are in my excellent, marvelous, stupendous life. mmm<3.
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[27 Nov 2005|08:05pm]
so, i have four of the most amazing friends.
they werent even really friends with eachother...
but we can all hang out for thirteen hours straight,
doing absolutely nothing,
and have the greatest time ever.
mmmm i liiike
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[26 Nov 2005|07:40pm]
woo woo livejournal.
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50things girls wish guys knew [07 Mar 2005|03:55pm]
[ mood | its only monday? ]

1. Just cause you have one doesnt mean you have to act like one
2. If youre fat, ugly and have a lisp...you might as well kill yourself
3. If youre not circumcized... stop reading this and get it done NOW!
4. If youve got any growths on your dick you might as well cut it off!
5. And if youve got man boobs, thats just not cool, ESPECIALLY if theyre bigger than mine!

6. Oh yeah and those cheesy comments you make... WONT get us in bed
7. If we have the decency to give you head... keep your hands off our heads!
8. Just cuz we gag doesnt mean youre big
9. Long finger nails are fucking gross... cut the shit down!
10. ...Plus we're sensitive down there

11. Dont act too cool for us when youre with your friends, your friends are just as gay
12. Road head... if we wont do it regular what makes you think we'll do it on the road?
13. And if we have sex with you when we're drunk... that DOESNT mean youre hot
15. You think its gross for us to fart and burp... well ditto

16. Trim it, shave it, just whatever you do dont leave it natural!
17. Dont be proud of your chest hair... its fucking gross
18. If we invite you over to eat dinner with our family dont even try to bone us after
19. If we wanna hook up we'll let you know, so stop asking,chances are we dont wanna get with your ugly ass
20. Dont think your a pimp if you get with our best friend... shes a dumb slut anyways

21. No one likes a uni-brow... tweezers can be your best friend
22. Dont try to go down on us if you dont know what youre doing... we dont like pity moans
23. If we spit its because your cum taste like salty spoiled milk, nasty piece of shit
24. And DONT ASK TO CUM ON OUR FACE! we will just duck
25. Our asses are for taking shits... not putting dicks up

26. We may masturbate but we will NEVER let you watch
27. Dont think youre the only ones in it for the ass... we play guys too
28. When you get off, refrain from shaking... it looks like youre having a fucking seizure
29. If we say we like you, but dont want a boyfriend, chances are we dont like you and just feel bad
30. Blue balls dont hurt that bad, so suck it up pussy

31. If we say we like you as a brother chances are we arent into incest
32. Theres no bigger turn off than an insecure boy...
33. All girls want to do it in some kind of water... shower, pool, hot tube... hell even under a leaky pipe will do!
34. And we dont care what you say, guys PMS... girls just have a reason to
35. Chick flicks arent the only things we watch, we like porn too

36. Dont ditch your girlfriend to hang out with your boys, they arent the ones giving you brains
37. Dont underestimate the power of cuddling... you dont know what it may get you!
38. Dont name your body parts... thats really creepy
39. Heads really not that bad, we just dont feel like giving it to your nasty ass all the time
40. If we have sex with you and dont remember... DAMN you were bad

41. If you wanna hang out dont ask us over and then play video games all nite... maddens fucking gay!
42. Oh yeah! when we're talking to you... look at our heads not our boobs!
43. A good long massage is nice once in a while
44. Comb overs = fucking loser, dont even try it
45. Take the fucking pic outta your hair you white boy

46. Titty fucking... NO... what the hell do we get except cum all over our chests?!
47. You think its funny to slap our asses... next time you do it we're gonna slap your fucking face
48. If we go down on you, you best as hell better go down on us, or next time your dick will be laying on the side of the road somewhere
49. If you have an STD and come within 10 feet of me, i swear to God i will take a shot gun to your head
50. And lastly, it may look good to your boys when you get around but it doesnt look good to us... DiRTY WHoRE!


---my bad---
by kathryn amorello
megsys link!

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stolen from liz. thanks liz! haha [26 Feb 2005|05:34pm]
[ mood | oo la la ]

this is the only kid i can go out withCollapse ) boy am i lucky.

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